I have decided this is my last year to play. (I have extended this till May of next year cause of the virus) I have enjoyed this hobby for many years but I find that it's changing and I too need a change.  I will be working thru December and only on the days written in my schedule below.  If you want me to visit a certain city give me a shout out through email and I will see what I can do. Please include your name, age, city you desire, and 2 references. Send to:  PlatinumAddy@hushmail.com

I have decided to take 30 days off to see how this Coronavirus plays out. Now it looks like we'll be stuck indoors till May 1st.  So I have changed my schedule.

Cleveland, OH … May 5-7  (Independence area)

Pittsburgh, PA … May 13-15  (Greentree area)

Troy, MI … May 18-20

Chicago, IL … June 3-5  (Rosemont area)